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Please Join Us in Downtown Hartford at The Goodwin.


Welcome to Bar Max!

We are delighted to introduce Max at The Goodwin, a strategic partnership that underscores our commitment to elevating the guest experience at this esteemed historic hotel.

Max Hospitality takes pride in establishing a dedicated presence within The Goodwin to meticulously attend to a spectrum of needs. From our lobby bar, to overseeing corporate events, celebrations, and special occasions, to introducing the exclusive Haynes Street private restaurant, our comprehensive services are designed to redefine your stay.


As the days unfold, you will notice an expanded Max presence seamlessly integrated throughout The Goodwin Hotel, ensuring the prompt delivery of our signature hospitality. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, and our team is ready to address any specific requirements you may have. Your experience is of paramount importance to us, and we look forward to exceeding your every expectation.

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